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    C-2020 – (Concentrated Glass Cleaner)

    C-2020 is a Concentrated Glass Cleaner that effectively removes fingerprints, smoke, film and other soils producing a streak-free shine every time!


    • Ammonia free makes it safe for all glass and window tint.
    • More economical than aerosol sprays.
    • Dries quickly leaving no residue or streaks.
    • Lasting fresh scent provides customers a feeling of clean.
    • Can be used with foaming trigger sprayers.
    • Concentrated formula, 1 gallon makes 30-64 gallons of ready-to-use solution.

    Car Scents WB – (Fragrance Sprays)

    Concentrated fragrance plus deodorizer is simply diluted with water to the desired strength in order to provide a lasting scent inside car interiors.


    • Baby Powder, Black Ice Water, Blue Steel, Cherry, Jasmine, Lemon, New Car, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Vanilla.
    • A few sprays will last 24-72+ hours.
    • Contains deodorizers for even more value.
    • The additive is available to make no-freeze for use in the winter.
    • On average 1 gallon is added to 4 gallons of water.

    Citrustrip – (Multi-Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser)

    High performance surfactants, the power of oranges and mild solvent safely strips away every day dirt and grime from many surfaces.


    • Safe for use on hard surfaces, carpet, velour, vinyl, plastic, tires, wheels, engines.
    • Removes grease, oil, dirt, food/beverage soils, some ink, sap, and paper labels.
    • Deodorizes as it cleans.
    • Concentrated formula makes many types of various strengths for many scenarios.
    • Readily biodegradable!
    • Does not contain: phosphates, caustic, acid, APE/NPE/OPE or harsh solvents.

    EB & D – (Solvent)

    Safer solvent cleaner uses the power of oranges and glycol ether solvent to dissolve asphalt, marker, sap, adhesive and thick grease.


    • Safe for use on clear-coats, glass, metal, rubber and most plastic.
    • Melts sap, asphalt, grease, marker and many types of adhesives on contact.
    • Pleasing citrus scent.
    • Can be rinsed away with water.
    • Non-flammable (but is combustible).
    • Does not contain petroleum based solvents.

    Express Wax – (Liquid Wax)

    Waxing your vehicle doesn't have to be labor intensive.  Our one-step liquid express wax requires a simple shake, spray and then wipe off. It's that easy.


    • Applies super fast and comes off easily.
    • Safe on conventional or clear coat paints.
    • Removes road film, grease, tar and bugs.
    • Leaves no buffer marks, powerding or streaks.
    • Hides minor scratches and swirls.
    • Lasts about a month under normal conditions.

    Final Shine – (Aerosol Vinyl-Plastic Coating)

    Put that "final shine" on hard to reach interior vehicle surfaces with this easy-to-use aerosol vinyl-plastic coating!


    • Quickly and easily mists on a "no-wipe" shiny coating onto hard to reach surfaces.
    • Evenly coats plastic-vinyl, instrument panels, air vents, speakers.
    • Nice shine that lasts for months.
    • Scent free and low odor.
    • Warning!  Flammable spray. Not paint shop safe (contains silicone).  Do not apply to glass or high gloss surfaces.  Use on plastic, vinyl or rubber only.



    Glu Gone – (Multi-Purpose Solvent)

    This Multi-Purpose Solvent blend safely removes light adhesives, glue, tree sap, petroleum-based contaminants, ink/marker, etc. from single stage paints, clear-coats, vinyl, plastics metals.


    • The solvent system is safe for use on single stage paints, clear-coats, glass, vinyl, and plastics.
    • Can be rinsed away with water makes clean up fast leaving no solvent residues.
    • Excellent choice for tree sap, label adhesive, and petroleum-based contaminate.
    • Excellent parts cleaner.
    • Does not contain: ethylbenzenes, ketones, trichloroethylene, acetone.
    • Danger:  Flammable liquid and vapor.

    Gr8 Glaze – (Interior Dressing)

    Gr8 Glaze is a unique water-based interior dressing formulated for interior plastic and vinyl offers cleaning of light soils then dries to non-greasy, shine.


    • The ready-to-use formula dries to a non-greasy high shine that doesn't attract dust.
    • Cleans as it shines.
    • Apply to dashboards, center counsels, trim, steering wheel, engine covers, and other plastic surfaces.
    • Rejuvenates dull, sun-beaten surfaces.
    • Can be applied to tires for those looking for a matte finish.
    • The tropical scent lasts after application.
    • Does not contain petroleum or oils.
    • Contains silicone; not body shop safe.

    Interior Shampoo 5x – (Carpet Shampoo)

    Developed for "self-serve" vacuum stations this carpet shampoo effectively removes everyday dirt and grime from seats, floor mats and carpet.


    • 1 gallon makes 5 gallons of "ready-to-use product.
    • Removes everyday soils and light stains upholstered seats, floor mats, and carpet.
    • The solution dries brittle so it is removed with the vacuum.
    • High foaming action lifts and prevents over wetting of surfaces.
    • Fresh scented!
    • Add 1 gallon to 4 gallons of -20/30 F Windshield Washer Solvent to make a no-freeze solution.

    L.C.C. – (Leather Conditioning Creme)

    Thick water-based creme cleans, moisturizes, restores and protects leather surfaces.


    • Water-based creme removes light surface soils then penetrates deep into the leather.
    • Rejuvenates and moisturizes dried, weathered leather.
    • Matte finish, non-greasy, smooth feeling finish.
    • Contains UV protectant.
    • Appealing leather scent.

    Nodor – (Deodorizing Spray)

    No need to hold your breath as odors are permanently "encapsulated" on contact with this special technology; meaning they won't be released later on.


    • Encapsulating technology works on contact unlike masking agents which release odors over time.
    • Ready to use, simply spray on the surface and let dry.
    • Odorless formula lets you know its working; follow up with our Car Scents for desired fragrance.
    • Effective on almost any malodor.

    Perfect View – (Aerosol Glass Cleaner)

    Cleans glass with ease leaving it shiny and streak free for that perfect view!


    • Creates clinging foam that sticks to the surface allowing you to treat many windows at once.
    • Removes heavy film, finger prints and more with a single wipe.
    • Dries quickly leaving a shiny, streak free shine.
    • Lasting fresh scent gives customers a lasting sense of clean.
    • Ammonia free and VOC compliant.

    Speed Sheen – (Spray & Wipe Detailer)

    Simply spray on and wipe off product will have your vehicle's paint/clear coat looking like you just spent hours waxing it!


    • Removes finger prints, smudges and light soils on all surfaces.
    • Creates a super smooth, high gloss shine that will bead water.
    • Use on cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, boats, RV's and other high gloss surfaces.
    • Excellent product to use after regular washing, just after waxing or between waxing.
    • Prolongs the life of your wax by creating an invisible layer over it with regular use.
    • Can be applied to all surfaces even glass.

    Stain Away – (Spot & Stain Remover)

    Stain Away is a ready-to-use, water-based cleaning solution uses special polymers to effectively remove spots and stains from seats, carpet, velour and other textiles.


    • Polymer technology offers extreme wetting and penetration of soils for a thorough clean.
    • Polymers prevent soils from redepositing as well as protection from future soiling.
    • The solution dries brittle for complete removal with a vacuum.
    • Does not leave a "clean" stain on velour or other sensitive fabrics or upholstery.
    • Fresh scented!

    Streakless Clean

    Low-streak detergent technology coupled with tremendous solvency and other builders removes oily soils, dirt and grime while rinsing away leaving little residue behind makes this the go to product for glass cleaning towels, drying cloth or hard surfaces where low-streak properties are desired.


    • Concentrated "low streak" detergent technology.
    • Remove oily soils, dirt and grime while leaving no unwanted residues behind.
    • Excellent performance on micro-fiber, terry towels, drying cloth.
    • Effective glass cleaner at very low dilution ratio's.
    • Fresh scented.
    • No petroleum solvents or phosphates.

    Task 104 – (Heavy Duty Solvent)

    Heavy duty solvent blend dissolves the most stubborn petroleum based soils on contact.


    • Safe for use on modern clear coats, glass and all metal surfaces.
    • Quickly dissolves asphalt, tar, many types of adhesives, sap and more.
    • Not for use in California.


    • DANGER! Flammable liquid and vapor.  Health hazard.