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    Make Scents – (Fragrance Concentrates)

    Doesn’t it “make scents” to have a great smelling car wash!? These ultra-concentrated, water-soluble fragrances allow you to inject a fragrance into the water stream with your favorite unscented chemical using a “dual draw” injector. Or you can also use the scent by itself and spray a small amount of diluted fragrance onto the windshield at different points in the wash keeping your wash experience exciting!

    Options: Berries: mulberry, huckleberry with notes of citrus and fruit punch. Blueberry Bash: sweet and tart blueberries with notes of tart raspberries.  Crushed Candy Canes: a sweet, sugary mix of peppermint is perfect for Christmas. Cherries: sweet and tart maraschino and black cherries. Fuji Apple: crisp apple, soft floral and clean notes. Gotta be Tide: our best take on replicating that famous laundry scent. Island Breeze: Hawaiian and Caribbean flowers mixed with notes of coconut and pineapples. Lemon Lime: freshly zested and squeezed lemons-limes with fresh-clean notes. Lemon Verbena: sweetened juiced lemon with refreshing notes of the verbena flower. Mango's: deliciously sweet and tart fruit with tropical notes. Napa Grapes: a scent we created, tart and sweet napa valley grapes with fun candy like notes. Orange Zest: citrus peels and sweet orange juice delivers a refreshing scent. Orange-Vanilla-Cream: citrus, tropical, vanilla bean and fresh cream notes, just like the famous creamsicle ice cream treat. Peachy Paradise: tropical notes, fruit punch and sweet peach.  Pina-Colada: pineapple, coconut and other tropical notes. Pumpkin Spice: perfect for the fall; pumpkin pie with hints of cinnamon sticks and spices. Raspberry Forte: a delicious blend of creamy, sweet and tart raspberries and berries. Ruby Red Grapefruit: freshly squeezed grapefruit with notes of citrus peels.  Time-2-Relax: it's like walking into that all-inclusive resort spa.  Eucalyptus, white/green tea, ginger and citrus notes will leave you relaxed.  Spiced Apple: apple cider with notes of cinnamon sticks is perfect for the fall. Wild Strawberry: tart and sweet strawberries with other berry notes.  Vacation Sun: toasted coconut with hints of pineapple and tropical fruit; smells just like the famous Australian brand sun tan lotion.

    Desire a different fragrance for seasonal use or special occasions? Just ask! Minimum order requirement.