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    2B Clean – (Hi pH)

    Hard on dirt but not on your budget, 2B Clean is a high foam fast rinse cleaner for in-bay touch-less or friction automatics as well as conveyors!


    • Affordable, consistent performance on many soil types and oily road film.
    • Also effective for tires/wheels, bug remover, or high-pressure prep.
    • Excellent performance in touch-less or friction washes.
    • High foaming yet fast rinsing.
    • Available with a citrus-fresh scent for improved customer satisfaction.
    • Does not contain: phosphates or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    Add Hi – (Hi pH Booster)

    Add Hi ultra-concentrated solution adds more alkalinity when injected with other hi pH products to boost their performance! Inject with our All Chem F-series detergent blends to create a custom hi pH detergent using a double draw injection port.


    • Simply inject using a dual draw injector port with your current detergent to increase the alkaline value.
    • Two alkaline sources target different soil types for the best performance.
    • Ultra concentrated so you will use a minimal amount per vehicle.
    • Provides good hard water tolerance.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.
    • Cold weather stable!

    Add Lo – (Lo pH Booster)

    Ultra-concentrated blend of acids and high-performance surfactant creates an affordable way to get a more acidic value into other low pH detergents.


    • Simply inject using a double draw port with your current neutral or low pH detergent to improve its performance.
    • Ultra-concentrated means you will use 3-5 times less product than conventional products.
    • More acidic value means cleaner, brighter and drier vehicle surfaces!
    • Can be applied without worry to any vehicle surface.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain ABF/HF acids or NPE, APE, OPE surfactants.

    Autobrite Maxx – (Lo pH)

    Super-concentrated blend of acids safely dissolve heavy mineral build-up ensuring cleaner and brighter chrome, glass and paint on vehicle surfaces when used in friction or friction-less washes.


    • Super-concentrated blend of acids dissolves inorganic soils and road salts while loosening stubborn film.
    • Leaves surfaces cleaner and brighter.
    • Highly effective in 2-step (lo pH/hi pH) friction-less wash processes.  Also a great detergent for friction washes.
    • Effectively neutralizes alkaline and allows for drier surfaces at the end of the wash.
    • High performance detergent system targets oily soils.
    • High foaming yet rinses easy for cling and clean action.
    • Does not contain:  HF acid or ABF.

    Complete Clean – (Lo pH)

    To be used as the 1st pass in 2-step touch-less washes; this product performs in situations where traditional acid pre-soaks do not.


    • The go-to product when all else fails to get consistently clean vehicles using a touch-less wash process.
    • Boosted with Hydrofluoric Acid to dissolve tenacious inorganic soils.
    • High foam profile for "cling and clean" action to ensure it has time to work.
    • Excellent at loosening oily-grime making the alkaline pass more effective.
    • Superb wheel cleaner.
    • Biodegradable.


    • DANGER! Contains: Hydrofluoric Acid which is an extreme health hazard. Extreme caution and good safety protocol is needed with this product (sales restrictions).

    Dissolv-It – (Hi pH)

    High performance blend is super-concentrated in all the right areas needed to clean wheels, tires, vehicle bodies and other hard surfaces safely and effectively.


    • Special alkaline blend breaks down tough brake dust, oily soils and other grime.
    • High performance surfactants and mild solvent penetrate, emulsify and suspend tough oils and other stubborn grime.
    • High foaming action allows it to cling to surfaces.
    • Inhibited to protect hot metallic surfaces.
    • Can be used for several cleaning applications reducing the need to stock multiple products.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates, APE/NPE/OPE surfactants, petroleum solvents or acids.

    Elite Prep – (Lo pH)

    To be used as the 1st pass in 2-step touch-less washes; this super-concentrated product literally dissolves inorganic film and soils on contact.


    • The go to product when all else fails to get consistently clean vehicles in a touch-less wash.
    • Excellent wheel cleaner.
    • Boosted with Hydrofluoric Acid to dissolve tenacious grime, but also means it needs your utmost attention for safe handling.
    • Special surfactant system also targets road film and oily grime for a knock out cleaning performance.
    • Moderate foaming ability that is easily rinsed away.


    • DANGER! Contains: Hydrofluoric Acid which is an extreme health hazard. Extreme caution and good safety protocol is needed with this product (sales restrictions).

    HardLine – (Hi pH)

    If you have hard water and are always fighting scale build up in nozzles, holding tanks and foam generators then this product is your alkaline solution.


    • Formulated to handle extreme levels of hardness (up to 25 grains) when using as little as 1/2-1 oz per gallon of water.
    • Suitable for use in touch-less or friction washes.
    • Use for pre-soak, bug remover, tire/wheel cleaner, high pressure soap.
    • High foaming suits many application types.
    • Highly alkaline yet rinses quickly.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Hi Time – (Hi pH)

    Super-concentrated amounts of high performance detergents coupled with high alkalinity makes this a-go-to product in extremely difficult cleaning situations.


    • Special detergent system targets grease, oil, road film and particulate soils; covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning vehicles touch-free.
    • Excellent performer in friction or friction-less washes.
    • Moderate foaming and is suitable for reclaims.
    • Good hard water tolerance.
    • Contains no solvents or VOC's.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Hi-N-Mighty (Hi pH)

    Heavy-duty pre-soak is boosted with extra alkaline making it excellent for use in vehicle wash systems where direct chemical injection pumps are being used preventing you from drawing in another chemical.


    • Contains 2-3 times more alkaline than regular hi pH pre-soaks plus other additives provides enhanced removal of soils.
    • Extra alkaline does not require another product booster in order to achieve better performance.
    • Built for friction-less washes but can be used in friction washes as well.
    • Excellent wheel and tire cleaner.
    • Produces nice foam that will evenly coat surfaces yet will rinse away easily.
    • Biodegradable and good hard water tolerance.

    Marvel – (Hi pH)

    High performance surfactants and other additives covers a "broad spectrum" of soil types making this one of our top selling alkaline pre-soaks for touch-less vehicle washes.


    • Broad spectrum formula covers a wide range of soils and oils for consistent cleaning performance.
    • Most popular choice for touch-free automatics but is certainly not limited to where it can be used.
    • Excellent performance when applied after any of our lo pH pre-soaks in a 2-step touch-less wash process.
    • Moderate foaming.
    • Reclaim compatible.
    • Excellent hard water tolerance.
    • Available with citrus scent to enhance customer appeal.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.


    Superb – (Lo pH)

    Use as the 1st pass in 2-step touch-less wash processes to effectively remove windshield masks, hard water spots and other stubborn soils safely.


    • Acidic formula brightens chrome, clear-coats and helps clean glass when used in a 2-step process.
    • Penetrates oily grime and dissolves mineral deposits for a cleaner surface not achievable with alkaline alone.
    • Excellent sudsing with citrus scent for maximum coverage and customer appeal.
    • Safe on all surfaces.
    • Produces a citrus scent.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: ABF-HF acid, or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    Triton – (Lo pH)

    Heavy-duty pre-soak fitted for it's name; quickly penetrates and cuts through tough road film, mineral deposits, oily soils and other grime while being safe to surfaces.


    • Heavy-duty yet safer acidic formula is a must have in 2-step touch-free processes or in friction conveyor washes.
    • Super-concentrated blend of acids, premium detergent and solvents ensures cleaning through-out seasonal change.
    • Brightens and cleans glass, paint and chrome and also effectively cleans wheels.
    • Natural orange solvent enhances degreasing while creating a fresh clean scent.
    • Fast rinsing properties makes this an excellent choice for use in short or high line speed conveyor washes.
    • Minimal effect on stainless steel and other metals.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: HF, ABF or Sulfuric acids, no petroleum or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.