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    H2OFF 2XC – (Rain Repellent & Surface Protectant)

    H2OFF® 2XC is a unique spray-on and rinse-off protectant contains special silicone-polymers that "seals in shine and locks out weather" for weeks!


    • 2-times concentrated formula treats double the vehicles per container.
    • Durably bonds to all surfaces and is not easily removed afterward with cleaning solutions.
    • A single application can last up to 30 days when applied as directed.
    • Fantastic water repellency helps you to see better when driving in the rain.
    • Surfaces are easier to clean as the slick barrier doesn't allow bugs or dirt to bond as hard.
    • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rainwater, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
    • Improves surface gloss.
    • Foams yellow with a unique orange scent for customer appeal during applications (no dye available).

    H2OFF® TF – (Rain Repellent & Surface Protectant)

    Unique spray-on and rinse-off total body protectant formulated for use in touch-free automatics or in tunnels with unlimited wash pass plans where there is a concern of build up from over application or sealing in soils.


    • Very substantive to surfaces but will not permanently seal in dirt and is not prone to build up.
    • A single application will last for a couple weeks when applied as directed.
    • Amazing water repellency helps you to see better when driving in the rain and keeps your vehicle cleaner.
    • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rainwater, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
    • Improves surface gloss; bugs, ice, road film, and tree sap will come off easier.
    • Foams purple with a unique grape scent for customer appeal during applications.

    Shine On® w/ Carnauba Wax

    A truly unique, high foaming liquid protectant that utilizes carnauba wax and silicone to create a smoother feel and high gloss on vehicle clear-coats!


    • A fast "wax" option is to be applied near the end of the automatic car wash process.
    • Unique formula provides a smoother feel, durable protection and shine.
    • Products rich foam for awesome coverage yet breaks down quickly eliminating trapped foam.
    • Bonds on contact repelling wash water from treated surfaces and will bead rain for weeks.
    • Grapefruit type scent is very appealing to customers during the application.
    • Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, Green & No dye options are available.
    • Can be applied cold or hot; creates little to no build-up in application equipment.
    • Biodegradable surfactants.

    Starr Sealer – (Clear Coat Protectant)

    Premium sealant fortified with functional silicone technology chemically bonds to glass, paint, trim and chrome offering longer lasting protection and shine over conventional sealants!


    • Instantly bonds forming a durable barrier creating highly repellent surfaces with enhanced gloss.
    • Excellent performance under low or high pressure spray.
    • Unique tropical fruit fragrance fills interiors for the ultimate customer satisfaction.
    • Extremely stable and is not prone to build up after dilution.
    • Very affordable cost per vehicle.

    Total Shield® Ceramic Seal

    Unique spray on and rinse off product contains nano-quartz technology and siloxanes that chemically bond providing a "ceramic like" barrier on vehicle surfaces that seals in the shine and locks out weather for weeks!


    • Nano-quartz technology chemically bonds to surfaces providing wear and abrasion resistant properties.
    • A single application lasts for weeks when applied as directed and under normal conditions.
    • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rain water, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
    • Creates a slick, high gloss surface that beads water and repels soils.
    • Vacation sun fragrance and yellow colored liquid appeals to customers during application.
    • $5-10 add on service for automatic vehicle washes or can be included into wash packages.
    • Does not contain mineral seal oil.

    VantaGloss® – (Ceramic wax)

    A special silicon-polymer technology that imparts ceramic like gloss and hydrophobic nature creating a "just waxed" look and feel your customer will fall in love with.  This version is designed to be sprayed or foamed onto the car in the drying/sealant section of the car wash.


    • Silicon-polymers imparts a ceramic like result creating deeper gloss and smooth feel.
    • Long-lasting effect yields great value.
    • A great replacement for outdated waxes and traditional sealants.
    • Low foam for application in the drying agent area of the wash.
    • $3-5 add on service or create a top package around it for maximum value.
    • Remarkable water repellency and soils-bugs release easier.
    • Appealing fruitopia scent.
    • No mineral seal oil. No carnauba wax.

    VantaGloss® Foamy – (Ceramic Wax)

    Replace that outdated carnauba wax with this revolutionary ceramic like wax to create the deepest gloss, smoother feel and durable protection.  This version is to be foamed onto the vehicle, polished in with a top/side brushes or mitter cloth then rinsed away to activate.


    • Silicon-polymers replace that outdated carnauba based wax and polish.
    • Incredible deep-reflective gloss and smooth feel. A shine you can see and feel!
    • Creates excellent flash foam that self destructs for easy rinsing.
    • Long-lasting repellency of water and soils.
    • Fruitopia scent appeals to any customer.
    • Yellow or blue colors available to enhance application appeal.
    • Reclaim compatible.
    • REACH compliant.