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    H2OFF® – (Rain Repellent & Surface Protectant)

    H2OFF® is a unique spray-on and rinse-off protectant contains special silicone-polymers that "seals in shine and locks out weather" for weeks!


    • Durably bonds to all surfaces and is not easily removed afterward with cleaning solutions.
    • A single application can last up to 30 days when applied as directed.
    • Fantastic water repellency helps you to see better when driving in the rain.
    • Surfaces are easier to clean as the slick barrier doesn't allow bugs or dirt to bond as hard.
    • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rainwater, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
    • Improves surface gloss.
    • Foams yellow with a unique orange creamsicle scent for customer appeal during applications (no dye available).

    H2OFF® TF – (Rain Repellent & Surface Protectant)

    Unique spray-on and rinse-off total body protectant formulated for use in touch-free automatics or in tunnels with unlimited wash pass plans where there is a concern of build up from over application or sealing in soils.


    • Very substantive to surfaces but will not permanently seal in dirt and is not prone to build up.
    • A single application will last for a couple weeks when applied as directed.
    • Amazing water repellency helps you to see better when driving in the rain and keeps your vehicle cleaner.
    • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rainwater, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
    • Improves surface gloss; bugs, ice, road film, and tree sap will come off easier.
    • Foams purple with a unique grape scent for customer appeal during applications.

    Platinum Protectant – (Clear Coat Protectant)

    Premium sealant fortified with functional silicone technology chemically bonds to glass, paint, trim and chrome offering longer lasting protection and shine over conventional sealants!


    • Instantly bonds forming a durable barrier creating highly repellent surfaces with enhanced gloss.
    • Excellent performance under low or high pressure spray.
    • Unique mango fragrance fills interiors for the ultimate customer satisfaction.
    • Extremely stable and is not prone to build up after dilution.
    • Very affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Contains silicone, no carnauba wax.

    Shine On w/ VantaGloss®

    A special silicone-polymer technology that imparts gloss with tremendous depth and mirror-like reflection to clear-coats creating a "just waxed" look and feel.


    • Silicone-polymers imparts a deep, mirror like shine and smooth feel to clear-coats.
    • "Stay Glossy" technology provides long-lasting effect.
    • A great replacement for out-dated foaming hot waxes and traditional sealants.
    • Low or high foam versions.
    • $3-5 add on service or create a top package around it for maximum value.
    • Remarkable water repellency and soils-bugs release easier.
    • Blueberry-raspberry scent.
    • No oils or petroleum. No carnauba wax.

    Shine On® w/ Carnauba Wax

    A truly unique, high foaming liquid protectant that utilizes carnauba wax and silicone to create a smoother feel and high gloss on vehicle clear-coats!


    • A fast "wax" option is to be applied near the end of the automatic car wash process.
    • Unique formula provides a smoother feel, durable protection and shine.
    • Products rich foam for awesome coverage yet breaks down quickly eliminating trapped foam.
    • Bonds on contact repelling wash water from treated surfaces and will bead rain for weeks.
    • Grapefruit type scent is very appealing to customers during the application.
    • Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, Green & No dye options are available.
    • Can be applied cold or hot; creates little to no build-up in application equipment.
    • Biodegradable surfactants.

    Super Sealer – (Drying Agent+Sealer)

    Concentrated, drying agent is fortified with sealant properties creating a 2-in-1 product eliminating the need for 2 separate products.


    • Combination product eliminates the need for 2 separate products.
    • Rapidly sheets and beads wash water on contact.
    • Unique orange-vanilla-creme scent appeals to customers.
    • Effective in high or low pressure arches.
    • Reduces spotting.
    • Economical to use.
    • Contains silicone, no carnauba wax.


    Total Shield Extreme® – (30-60 Day Sealant)

    Unique spray on and rinse off product contains a super-concentrated amount of reactive silicone-polymers and resin that provides a "ceramic like" barrier on vehicle surfaces that seals in the shine and locks out weather for several weeks!


    • Protective barrier is resistant to detergents and the elements.
    • A single application lasts up to 60 days when applied as directed and under normal conditions.
    • Amazing water repellency helps you to see better when driving in the rain.
    • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rain water, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
    • Creates a slick, high gloss surface that contaminates are less prone to stick to.
    • Vacation sun fragrance and yellow colored liquid appeals to customers during application.
    • $5-10 add on service for automatic vehicle washes.
    • Does not contain mineral seal oil.

    Underbody RP – (Rust Inhibitor)

    Nitrite based corrosion inhibitor bonds to exposed metals on vehicle under-bodies providing protection from the elements.


    • Concentrated solution, affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Provides protection when sprayed onto exposed metal components and allowed to dry.
    • Prevents further metal damage if applied regularly.
    • Simply dilute, spray onto vehicle under-bodies and allow to dry.