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    Man-U-Shine – (Water Based)

    Water-based tire shine dressing intended for mainly for hand applications creates a nice "wet" looking gloss on tires, plastic and vinyl surfaces.


    • Water-based formula applies easily with a brush or pad.
    • Creates high gloss that lasts on tires and trim that is less prone to sling.
    • Restores dull-looking plastic surfaces.
    • Cleans up easily if over applied or spilled.
    • Can be diluted with water and still remains stable.
    • Does not contain any petroleum solvents.

    Outshine 80 FD – (Fast Dry Tire-Vinyl Coating)

    Outshine 80 FD is a solvent-based, fast dry tire-vinyl coating that quickly forms a detergent-water resistant, super shiny bond on tires and vinyl that protects for several weeks!


    • Designed primarily for spray applications but can be wiped on.
    • Fast dry solvent formula deposits a high gloss shine in literally seconds.
    • Repels water and light-duty detergents, so it lasts for weeks after a single application.
    • Apply to tires or exterior vinyl surfaces.
    • Grape scented.
    • DANGER! Highly flammable liquid and vapor.
    • Not safe for use in body shops that paint and do not get on glass or clear coats.

    Outshine WB – (Online Tire Shine)

    Outshine WB is a special water-based tire shine will not gel up at application points ensuring a maintenance free product for online tire shine applications.


    • Special blend will not gel up once exposed to air keeping nozzles and application holes from plugging.
    • The super-concentrated formula for maximum shine and durability.
    • Once the water evaporates off after application this formula bonds durably for a longer-lasting finish.
    • Use very little per application maximizing "a la carte" or package profitability.
    • Does not contain: petroleum solvents.

    Outshine XP – (Online Tire Shine)

    Medium viscosity, solvent-based online tire shine quickly absorbs into online application pads or sponges and works well with bristles creates maximum gloss on tires.


    • V.O.C. compliant, non-flammable solvent system doesn't break down sponges, pads or bristles.
    • Super concentrated blend of silicones for maximum shine and durability.
    • Creates a "wet" looking appearance on tires that last.
    • Use very little per application maximizing "a la carte" or package profitability.
    • Does not contain: mineral spirits, naphtha, hexane or heptane.