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    4WD HI – (Hi pH)

    Extreme cleaning conditions have you stuck?  This ultra-concentrated solution delivers the power you need.


    • Extremely built to tackle very dirty wheels and tires, bug remains and oily road film.
    • Ultra-concentrated for maximum performance and extends container life.
    • High foaming yet fast rinsing.
    • Use in touch-less or friction-less washes.
    • Biodegradable; does not contain phosphates or APE, OPE, NPE surfactants.
    • 100% reclaim compatible. 
    • Hard water tolerant.


    4WD LO – (Lo pH)

    Extreme cleaning situations have you stuck?  This ultra-concentrated solution will deliver the power you need.


    • Powerful acidic formula dissolves mineral build-up, brake dust and other soils.
    • Unique detergent system removes oily grime and reduces static charges on surfaces.
    • Excellent first pass pre-soak in touch-less washes when followed with 4WD Hi.
    • Works well as a wheel cleaner and is safe on polished aluminum.
    • Good foaming yet fast rinsing.
    • Does not contain ABF or Hydrofluoric Acid.
    • 100% reclaim compatible.

    Add Hi – (Hi pH Booster)

    Add Hi ultra-concentrated solution adds more alkalinity when injected with other hi pH products to boost their performance! Inject with our All Chem F-series detergent blends to create a custom hi pH detergent using a double draw injection port.


    • Simply inject using a dual draw injector port with your current detergent to increase the alkaline value.
    • Two alkaline sources target different soil types for the best performance.
    • Ultra concentrated so you will use a minimal amount per vehicle.
    • Provides good hard water tolerance.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.
    • Cold weather stable!

    Add Lo – (Lo pH Booster)

    Ultra-concentrated blend of acids and high-performance surfactant creates an affordable way to get a more acidic value into other low pH detergents.


    • Simply inject using a double draw port with your current neutral or low pH detergent to improve its performance.
    • Ultra-concentrated means you will use 3-5 times less product than conventional products.
    • More acidic value means cleaner, brighter and drier vehicle surfaces!
    • Can be applied without worry to any vehicle surface.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain ABF/HF acids or NPE, APE, OPE surfactants.

    All Dri – (Drying Agent)

    100% active "mineral seal oil based" blend was formulated to produce rapid beading of rinse water.  Unique blend allows operators to dilute this product with water creating their own level of concentrated drying agent solution that works best for their setup; or simply inject it into the water stream as supplied using just a few mL's per vehicle.


    • 100% active blend means your not buying water.
    • Infinitely and easily mixes with warm or cold water ensures consistent results.
    • Superior "on contact" beading of rinse water significantly reduces the amount of drip space needed.
    • Enhances shine.
    • Does not contain silicone or wax.


    • This product does not conform to EU-REACH guidelines.
    • If you offer a towel drying service, apply before a mitter curtain or have a reclaim system consider All Dri SE.

    Cherry Foamer 3XC – (Car Wash Detergent)

    Ultra-concentrated car wash soap with its sweet cherry scent and rich suds is certain to appeal to customers during an automatic wash or manual bucket wash.


    • Ultra-concentrated and ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Lots of sweet cherry fragrance is certain to appeal to any customer.
    • Deep cleaning suds safely and gently cleans vehicle surfaces.
    • Neutral pH makes it easy on the hands.
    • Easily convert to a regular concentrate by adding water on site.
    • Biodegradable
    • Does not contain:phosphates, solvent or APE,NPE, OPE surfactants.

    Color Guard 3XC – (Foam Polish)

    Vibrantly colored, tropical scented foaming polish is sure to give the customers an experience they will enjoy and apply often.


    • Ultra-concentrated formula treats 3-times more vehicles per container.
    • Eye catching colored foam utilizes non-staining dyes: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple and White (no dye).
    • Tropical scent fills vehicle interiors and the wash bay for enhanced customer satisfaction.
    • Cleans, shines and adds temporary protection to surfaces.
    • Can be applied anywhere in the car wash process.
    • Repels wash water and rinses away quickly after application.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain mineral seal oil or petroleum.

    Conditioner 3XC – (Lo pH Detergent)

    Vibrantly colored, cherry-berry scented acidic foam enhances cleaning ability, neutralizes and helps brightens surfaces when added to a wash package.


    • Ultra concentrated and ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Vibrant colors:  Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, White (no dye).
    • Cherry-berry scent appeals to all customers.
    • Non-corrosive acid helps neutralize and brighten vehicle surfaces.
    • No wax or silicone.
    • Easily convert to a regular concentrate by adding water on site.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Foam ‘N’ Soak 3XC – (Hi pH Detergent)

    Ultra-concentrated, high foaming alkaline detergent designed for use in self serve or automatic friction car washes offers an affordable deep cleaning product.


    • Ultra-concentrated yet ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • 3 times more applications per container.
    • Versatile formula makes it suitable for use as high pressure soap, pre-soak, body soap, bug/prep or tire cleaner.
    • High foaming and citrus scent appeals to customers.
    • Hard water tolerant.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.



    Foam Brite 3XC – (Lo pH Detergent)

    Ultra-concentrated, safe acidic car wash detergent produces rich foam that lubricates, cleans, brightens and neutralizes vehicle surfaces.


    • Ultra-concentrated formula treats 3 times more vehicles per container.
    • Lubricated foam for a gentle friction clean and excellent customer appeal.
    • Safe acidity brightens surfaces while neutralizing alkaline prep solutions.
    • Easily converted to a regular concentrate by adding water on site.
    • Biodegradable and is non-corrosive.
    • Does not contain: phosphoric/sulfuric acid, petroleum solvents or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Foamy Sealant 3XC – (Foaming Sealant)

    Ultra-concentrated, clear coat sealant has been fortified with foaming properties so your customers know they are receiving this great product.


    • Ultra-concentrated yet ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Foaming properties increases customer appeal and awareness.
    • Grape scent will fill interiors and the bay enhancing the wash experience.
    • Creates lasting shine and protection.
    • Build up free formula.
    • Simply add water to convert to a regular concentrate on site if need be.


    • Does not meet "reach" guidelines for use in EU countries.

    H2OFF® TF 3XC – (Rain Repellent & Surface Protectant)

    Ultra-concentrated, unique spray on and rinse off product formulated for use in touch-free automatics or unlimited wash pass plans where there is concern of locking in dirt or build up from over application.


    • Very substantive to surfaces but will not permanently seal in dirt and is not prone to build up.
    • Ultra-concentrated version provides 3 times more applications per container.
    • A single application will last for a few weeks when applied as directed.
    • Amazing water repellency helps you to see better when driving in the rain and keeps your vehicle cleaner.
    • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rain water, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
    • Improves surface gloss; bugs, ice, road film and tree sap should come off easier.
    • Foams purple with a custom grape scent for customer appeal during applications.

    HPS 3XC – (High Pressure Soap)

    Clinging suds fortified with a bay filling tide-type scent makes this a very popular high pressure soap for prepping vehicles.


    • Ultra-concentrated yet ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Coats vehicles with a clinging foam.
    • Loosens road film and abrasive grime preparing surfaces for friction cleaning.
    • Appealing tide-type scent makes the wash process more enjoyable.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Marvel 2XC – (Hi pH)

    2-times concentrated formula! High performance surfactants and other additives covers a "broad spectrum" of soil types making this one of our top selling alkaline pre-soaks for touch-less vehicle washes.


    • 2-times concentrated formula washes twice as many vehicles per container!
    • Broad spectrum formula covers a wide range of soils and oils for consistent cleaning performance.
    • Most popular choice for touch-free automatics but is certainly not limited to where it can be used.
    • Excellent performance when applied after any of our lo pH pre-soaks in a 2-step touch-less wash process.
    • Moderate foaming.
    • Reclaim compatible.
    • Excellent hard water tolerance.
    • Available with citrus scent to enhance customer appeal.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.


    Purple Pre-Soak 3XC – (Hi pH)

    Maximize customer appeal with this purple foaming, citrus scented pre-soak when used in self-serve or friction car washes.


    • Ultra-concentrated yet ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Formulated specifically for self serve and conveyor washes.
    • Appealing non-staining purple foam and citrus scent enhances customer satisfaction.
    • Deep cleaning formula is enhanced with some extra alkaline to break down stubborn soils and oils.
    • Good hard water tolerance.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Rock’n Lo – (Lo pH Detergent)

    Ultra-concentrated lo pH detergent for friction car wash systems is formulated with additional acid to ensure that a lo pH solution is maintained at all dilution ratios for brighter and dryer surfaces.


    • Provides an acidic value at very lean ratios ensuring you effectively neutralize and brighten surfaces in tunnel washes (1:2000 = pH 4).
    • Cleans and brightens surfaces while being safe to surfaces and equipment.
    • Creates rich foam that lubricates and cleans yet rinses away fast not inhibiting drying performance.
    • Ultra-concentrated formula uses at least 3-times less product per application than conventional concentrates.
    • Exceptional friction-less pre-soak performance.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: HF/ABF, phosphoric acid, petroleum or APE/OPE/NPE surfactants.

    Shine On® w/ Carnauba Wax

    A truly unique, high foaming liquid protectant that utilizes carnauba wax and silicone to create a smoother feel and high gloss on vehicle clear-coats!


    • A fast "wax" option is to be applied near the end of the automatic car wash process.
    • Unique formula provides a smoother feel, durable protection and shine.
    • Products rich foam for awesome coverage yet breaks down quickly eliminating trapped foam.
    • Bonds on contact repelling wash water from treated surfaces and will bead rain for weeks.
    • Grapefruit type scent is very appealing to customers during the application.
    • Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, Green & No dye options are available.
    • Can be applied cold or hot; creates little to no build-up in application equipment.
    • Biodegradable surfactants.

    Starr Sealer 2XC – (Clear Coat Protectant)

    Premium sealant fortified with functional silicone technology chemically bonds to glass, paint, trim and chrome offering longer lasting protection and shine over conventional sealants!


    • Space saving super-concentrated version provides 2 times the applications per container!
    • Instantly bonds forming a durable barrier creating highly repellent surfaces with enhanced gloss.
    • Excellent performance under low or high pressure spray.
    • Appealing tropical fruit fragrance will fill interiors for the ultimate customer satisfaction.
    • Extremely stable and is not prone to build up after dilution.
    • Very affordable cost per vehicle.

    Ultra Green TC 3XC – (Hi pH)

    Ultra-concentrated high foaming alkaline formula effectively cleans tires and wheels also can be used on engines.


    • Ultra-concentrated yet ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Bright yellow-green color for increased customer appeal.
    • Fresh pine scent.
    • High foaming for maximum coverage and cleaning.
    • Removes stubborn soils quickly.
    • Non-acid formula.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates, solvent or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Ultra-Soak Hi – (Hi pH)

    Most advanced option for an ultra-concentrated alkaline pre-soak; nearly triples the amount of vehicles you can clean from one container.


    • Ultra-concentrated yet ultra affordable cost per vehicle.
    • Outlasts standard concentrates by at least 2-3 times.
    • High performance chemistry is very effective in friction-less and friction washes.
    • Can also be used for bugs, prep, wheels and tires.
    • Good hard water tolerance.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: VOC's, phosphates or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Ultra-Soak Lo – (Lo pH)

    Ultra-concentrated acidic pre-soak nearly triples the amount of vehicles you can safely clean from one container in friction or friction-less washes.


    • Ultra-concentrated, outlasts standard concentrates by at least 3 times.
    • Exceptionally mild towards car wash equipment.
    • High performance chemistry is very effective in friction-less or friction washes.
    • Excellent at removing mineral build up, brake dust and loosens oily grime.
    • High foaming yet fast rinsing.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: ABF-HF acid, petroleum or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.

    Underbody RP 3XC – (Rust Inhibitor)

    Nitrite based corrosion inhibitor bonds to exposed metals providing lasting protection.


    • Ultra concentrated, lasts 3-4 times longer than conventional concentrates.
    • Provides lasting protection when spray onto exposed metal components and allowed to dry.
    • Prevents further metal damage if applied regularly.
    • Simply dilute, spray onto vehicle under-bodies and allow to dry.