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    4WD – (Hi pH)

    Super-concentrated blend of butyl solvent, detergents and alkali's allows this product to perform on extremely dirty wheels and tires.


    • Extremely built to tackle very dirty wheels and tires.
    • Super-concentrated amount of butyl solvent removes silicone and oils and helps whiten letters-walls.
    • High foaming.
    • Non-acid formula effectively removes brake dust and grime.
    • Biodegradable; does not contain phosphates or APE, OPE, NPE surfactants.


    Add Hi – (Hi pH Booster)

    Add Hi ultra-concentrated solution adds more alkalinity when injected with other hi pH products to boost their performance! Inject with our All Chem F-series detergent blends to create a custom hi pH detergent using a double draw injection port.


    • Simply inject using a dual draw injector port with your current detergent to increase the alkaline value.
    • Two alkaline sources target different soil types for the best performance.
    • Ultra concentrated so you will use a minimal amount per vehicle.
    • Provides good hard water tolerance.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.
    • Cold weather stable!

    Back Brite Plus – (Acidic)

    Back Brite Plus is a High-foaming, acidic wheel cleaner removes light rust and stubborn brake dust reducing the need for any scrubbing.


    • Boosted with ABF to ensure performance on neglected or heavily soiled wheels.
    • Can be used on many wheel types with the exception of aftermarket "polished" aluminum wheels.
    • Removes light rust and stubborn brake dust easily minimizing any hand scrubbing or extra labor.
    • Low odor blend makes it nicer to work with especially in confined detail bays or areas.
    • Best if applied before online alkaline wheel-tire cleaners for best effect.
    • Does not contain: HF acid, Muriatic or Sulfuric acid, VOC's or APE/OPE/NPE surfactants


    • DANGER: Contains Ammonium Bi Fluoride.  Poisonous if in contact with skin, if inhaled or swallowed.  Read the SDS before using.

    Dissolv-It – (Hi pH)

    High performance blend is super-concentrated in all the right areas needed to clean wheels, tires, vehicle bodies and other hard surfaces safely and effectively.


    • Special alkaline blend breaks down tough brake dust, oily soils and other grime.
    • High performance surfactants and mild solvent penetrate, emulsify and suspend tough oils and other stubborn grime.
    • High foaming action allows it to cling to surfaces.
    • Inhibited to protect hot metallic surfaces.
    • Can be used for several cleaning applications reducing the need to stock multiple products.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates, APE/NPE/OPE surfactants, petroleum solvents or acids.

    HD Wheel Brite – (Acidic)

    A spray on and rinse off solution to cleaning the dirtiest wheel surfaces speeding up processing in conveyor washes.


    • Effective online solution so your employees never handle it reducing prep time.
    • Powerful acidic solution literally dissolves brake dust and rust before your eyes leaving wheels clean and bright.
    • Easily remove stubborn soils with a high pressure wand; maybe never go for the brush again.
    • Foams pink so you can see that it has been applied.


    • DANGER! Contains: Hydrofluoric Acid which is toxic if inhaled, in contact with skin or if swallowed. Extreme caution and good safety protocol is required (sales restrictions).
    • Cannot be used on polished aluminum or some after-market mag wheels.

    Kwik Shot – (Hi pH)

    A “quick” shot of this fast acting formula cleans the dirtiest tires, wheels and brightens white letters-walls!


    • Can be applied as is or diluted with water for better economics.
    • A better alternative to harsh acid based solutions.
    • Contains orange solvent which quickly cuts through oils and tire shine.
    • Spray and on rinse off formula reduces the need to scrub every wheel or tire.
    • Very economical to use.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    Wheely Lo – (Lo pH)

    Super-concentrated, non-corrosive "acidic" formula breaks down light rust, brake dust and road film from wheels, chrome bumpers and more.


    • Non-corrosive to skin and mild steel makes this product safe to use on many wheels, calipers and other parts.
    • Quickly cuts through brake dust and light rail dust for effortless cleaning performance.
    • Apply by hand or in automatic spraying systems.
    • Biodegradable and nearly odorless.
    • Does not contain ABF, HF or other harsh acids.
    • Cautions: do not spray on hot chrome surfaces or allow it to dry on this finish.  Do not apply to aftermarket polished aluminum at any dilution. This product is corrosive to raw aluminum at strong dilutions.

    Works Plus – (Hi pH)

    Powerful alkaline formula cleans the dirtiest wheels, tires and white letters.


    • High performance blend works on contact minimizing time and effort.
    • Powerful alkaline formula breaks down old tire shine, baked on brake dust and other grime.
    • Excellent degreaser.
    • Non-acid formula.
    • High foaming for cling and clean effect.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: no phosphates, petroleum or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.