H2OFF® 2XC is a unique spray-on and rinse-off protectant contains special silicone-polymers that “seals in shine and locks out weather” for weeks!


  • 2-times concentrated formula treats double the vehicles per container.
  • Durably bonds to all surfaces and is not easily removed afterward with cleaning solutions.
  • A single application can last up to 30 days when applied as directed.
  • Fantastic water repellency helps you to see better when driving in the rain.
  • Surfaces are easier to clean as the slick barrier doesn’t allow bugs or dirt to bond as hard.
  • Protects your vehicle from contaminated rainwater, road salts, bug remains, bird droppings and more!
  • Improves surface gloss.
  • Foams yellow with a unique orange scent for customer appeal during applications (no dye available).