If you are looking for an easy treatment program that will actually work in your reclaim system, then our ReclaiMagic system is just what you need.

The “startup” kit comes with: puck holder, slow dissolving bacteria puck, “charge” tube which preps the water releasing billions of new bacteria, nutrient pack.  After you purchase the “startup kit” all you need to do for continued use is order the “one-month” combo pack which provides 4-pucks and 4-pouches of nutrients.


  • 1 slow dissolving puck last for 7 days (for larger systems 2 pucks every other week may be necessary).
  • Puck holder makes this system quick, clean and easy.
  • Pour 1 nutrient pack into the water every time you add a puck.
  • Very affordable to use.
  • One month combo pack contains 4-pucks and 4-nutrient packs.
  • As with any “biological” program “consistency” is key. Starting and stopping will just waste the product and your money.