Ultra-concentrated, blend of mild solvent and specially charged surfactants neutralizes static charge aiding with the release of oily soils more effectively from vehicle surfaces. Is to be used with our “Triad Hi or Lo” with a dual draw injection port creates a completely customizable solution for friction-less pre-soak, high pressure pre-soak/soap, bug remover or tire-wheel cleaning.


  • Ultra-concentrated, uses 3-6 times less product than conventional concentrates.
  • Special surfactants designed to specifically target road film and greasy-oily grime for maximum performance.
  • Exceptional results as friction-less pre-soak, high pressure soap, tire-wheel cleaner, bug remover or degreaser.
  • Reclaim compatible.
  • High foaming yet breaks down quickly and is fast rinsing.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Available with citrus fragrance.
  • Does not contain: phosphates, petroleum or APE,NPE,OPE surfactants.