Quest Car Care Products® manufactures professional grade chemicals that are used clean and detail vehicles around the world. We offer a complete line up of pre-soaks, degreasers, cleaners, soaps, polishes, waxes, protectants, dressings, fragrances, aerosols and water treatment.


Our primary focus is to create products that deliver the very best customer experience and satisfaction by using unique fragrances, brighter colors and high performance ingredients to increase cleaning performance, shine and protection. Our products practically sell themselves; meaning we do not need to use fancy words on signs or bulletins to convince customers that they are getting something…they will simply see it during and after the application.  All of these differences will create a very loyal customer base within your company.

Earth Friendly

We are formulating with a conscience!  At Quest® we will always create our products with the environment in mind and won’t let cost dictate our path during product development.   That’s why 100% of our cleaning products are now free of phosphates and NPE-APE-OPE based surfactants. We are also working on replacing E.D.T.A., a popular ingredient for hardness control that is difficult to remove from waste water. Many of our products are compliant with eco-friendly organizations such as “CleanGredients” and “Reach.”    

Staying Flexible

We develop many of our vast array of products by listening to customers needs and desires. We believe it is our sole duty to continue to offer solutions that suit our customers’ needs by way of container sizes, concepts, and budget.    

Other Services

We offer custom formulating, blending, contract manufacturing, and private labeling services. Ask today about building a brand for your needs, or to help you with your supply chain demands.