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    Altra FR 200 WG – (Glycol Hydraulic Fluid)

    The Altra FR Water/Glycol born formula is a great product to replace oil-based hydraulic fluids whenever possible in vehicle wash systems.


    • Conforms to ASTM specifications for use in many types of hydraulic systems.
    • ISO 46 VG compliant.  Conforms to many ASTM test methods.
    • Colored red for leak detection.
    • Washes away with soap and water if a leak or spill occurs during vehicle wash operation.
    • Patent pending anti-wear/anti-corrosion inhibitors offers extended hydraulic system life.

    Aluminate HD – (Heavy Duty Acid)

    A "knock out punch" delivers a heavy duty acidic blow to extremely soiled aluminum, cement, brick, trailer panels, walls, wheels, equipment and more!


    • Powerful acidic solution literally dissolves oxidation, inorganic soils, particulate soils, mineral build up and road film.
    • Easily remove soils with a high pressure wand; maybe never go for the brush again.
    • Amazing aluminum brightener.
    • Highly concentrated and can be diluted for lighter tasks.


    DANGER! Contains: Hydrofluoric Acid which is an extreme health hazard. Extreme caution and good safety protocol is needed with this product (sales restrictions). Cannot be used on polished aluminum, some after-market mag. wheels and glass.

    Auto Dish – (Ultra Degreasing Soap)

    Auto Dish is a "dish soap alternative" product that was specifically altered for use in car and truck washes as well as detail shops.


    • Amazing cleaning-degreasing performance that compares to Dawn Ultra brands.
    • Ultra-concentrated and modified to give strictly degreasing properties.
    • Rich, lathery foam with orange scent makes it pleasant to use.
    • Can be used on all washable surfaces including car wash cloth and brushes.
    • Excellent soap to use on vehicle clear coats prior to buffing/compounding as it will remove oils and light wax.

    Bay Brite – (Acidic Detergent)

    Bay Brite is a High-foaming, acidic detergent gently removes soap scum, alkaline scale, light rust and oily grime from walls, floors and equipment.


    • Mild acids safely remove soap scum and oily grime from walls, floors and equipment.
    • Can be used on all surfaces at any dilution without fear of harming them.
    • High foaming for improved vertical surface contact time.
    • Concentrated so it can be diluted with water for light cleaning tasks.
    • Does not contain: HF/ABF, muriatic acid, sulfuric acid, petroleum or APE/OPE/NPE surfactants.

    DGR 80 HD – (Heavy Duty Degreaser)

    High alkaline heavy duty degreaser formulated for the toughest tasks; breaks down the heavy build-up of grease, oils and other organic soils from hard surfaces.


    • Dual alkaline system targets and breaks down heavy grease-oil, silicone fluids, fatty acids, and other stubborn grime.
    • Excellent for use on walls, floors, ceilings, equipment, engines and more.
    • Moderate foaming.
    • Does not contain: phosphates, solvents or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    F.W.C. – (Acidic Detergent)

    FWC is a heavy-duty rust removing detergent that also dissolves extreme build-up of alkaline scale, efflorescence mineral deposits, mold-mildew and more from hard surfaces.


    • Muriatic based formula dissolves extremely stubborn soils on contact.
    • Excellent for cleaning brick, concrete and aluminum.
    • High foaming so it clings to vertical surfaces when foamed on.
    • Concentrated, can be diluted with water for light cleaning.
    • Safe on glass and is biodegradable.
    • Does not contain:  HF/ABF, nitric or sulfuric acid.

    HD Liquid Laundry Detergent

    Concentrated liquid utilizes superior detergency making it very effective at removing everyday dirt and grime from wash towels and uniforms.


    • Can be used in wash machines even high efficiency.
    • Superior detergency tackles many types soils and oils.
    • Use 1/8-1/4 cup for high efficiency or 1/3-1/2 for standard machines.
    • Safe on micro-fiber towels.
    • Lasting fresh scent!
    • No bleach or harmful ingredients.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: fabric softeners, bleach, phosphates or APE/NPE/OPE detergents.

    Moss Remover – (Special Treatment)

    If you currently fight continuous mold and moss build up then this easy-to-use moss remover product is for you.


    • Spray it on moss/mildew and just watch the product work; no need to do anything else.
    • Excellent for areas that are not easily brushed or cleaned.
    • Use in the bay or out.  Spray on: rooftops, walls, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping and other surfaces.
    • Use as is for heavy build-up or dilute 1 part product to 1-4 parts water for lighter build up.
    • Do not use bleach, acids or harsh alkalies.

    Nut’N Better – (Hand Cleaner)

    Leave your work behind at the end of the day with this great hand cleaner.


    • High concentration of "walnut shell" micro-scrubbers, detergents and lotions deliver performance.
    • Heavy duty yet gentle.
    • Exfoliates dry, flaky skin while lotions keep it soft.
    • Outperforms many name brand products.
    • Near water-less products means you don't have to use much.
    • Leaves a subtle citrus clean scent.
    • Does not contain petroleum or even orange solvents.

    PFC – (Powdered Floor Cleaner)

    Wet, sprinkle and scrub. This powdered floor cleaner makes cleaning floors that easy.


    • Sprinkle on an already wet floor then scrub with a brush or use an automatic scrubber and rinse away.
    • No pre-dilution necessary.
    • Removes ground in dirt, grime and oily soils.
    • Produces a refreshing evergreen scent.

    Red Degreaser

    Red is a cost-effective alkaline degreaser is formulated to tackle the oils and soils that accumulate with daily operations.


    • Cost effective cleaning performance for maintaining your facility.
    • Excellent for use on walls, floors, ceilings, equipment, engines and more.
    • Tackles grease, oils and many other types of organic grime.
    • Low-moderate foaming.
    • Citrus scent.
    • Does not contain: phosphates or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    Saw – (Safe Acidic Wash)

    SAW, or safe acidic wash is a special acid technology that quickly cuts it way through alkaline residue, hard water scale, light rust, and other grime while not damaging surfaces.


    • Non-corrosive technology provides a safer choice for regular bay cleaning!
    • Approved for use on Extrutech Wall Paneling.
    • Also safe on brick, concrete, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, glass and more!
    • Dissolves heavy calcium and lime build up.
    • A safer alternative to harsh acid cleaners.
    • Does not contain: sulfuric, phosphoric, ABF, HF, muriatic acids or petroleum solvent.
    • Biodegradable.

    Wally – (Neutral pH Ultra-Detergent)

    Ultra-concentrated, blend of degreasing surfactants removes hydraulic oils, grease and other grime from equipment, walls, floors, car wash brushes, vehicle surfaces, windows and more.


    • Great replacement for Dawn Ultra as this is optimized to better suit industrial soils.
    • Excellent emulsification of oily soils.
    • Extreme foaming ability clings to surfaces.
    • Crisp lemon-lime scent.
    • Use in all foaming equipment.
    • Biodegradable and completely safe to use at any concentration.