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    All Area #1 – (Lo pH)

    Mild, lo pH, acidic detergent can be used on all vehicle surfaces at any strength without concern of causing damage.


    • Safe on all vehicle surfaces including polished aluminum.
    • Mild acidity removes mineral deposits, hard water spots, and other grime.
    • Excellent 2-step results when paired with All-Area #2.
    • Can use in low or high-pressure applications.
    • High foaming yet fast rinsing.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: ABF/HF acids, APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    All Area #2 – (Hi pH)

    Special alkaline detergent is safe on "all areas" when diluted properly eliminating surface concerns when washing. Our most popular detergent for high-pressure washing.


    • When diluted this product properly is safe on "polished aluminum!"
    • Unique high-performance formula targets road film, grease, and oils.
    • The most popular solution for pressure washing but is sufficient under the low-pressure spray.
    • Can be used in touch-less or friction drive-thru washes.
    • Moderate foaming and is fast rinsing.
    • Reclaim compatible and is biodegradable.
    • Does not contain:  phosphates, VOC's, APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    Bugs & More – (Hi pH)

    The ultimate bug remover prep solution safely loosens and removes stubborn bugs, bird droppings, oily grime, fuel residue and grease from many vehicle surfaces.


    • Spray onto surfaces before using normal washing detergents or pre-soaks.
    • Safe on polished aluminum when used correctly.
    • Fasting acting results on many soil types making the cleaning process easier.
    • Concentrated solution: 1 gallon makes 8-15 gallon of ready to use solution.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: harsh acids, phosphates, petroleum solvents or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    Film Fighter – (Lo pH)

    Film Fighter is to be used as the 1st pass in 2-step touch-less washes; this super concentrated heavy duty acid literally dissolves the most stubborn road film on contact from aluminum and other hard surfaces.


    • A go to product when all else fails to get consistently clean extremely dirty vehicles in a touch-less wash.
    • Excellent wheel cleaner and aluminum brightener.
    • Boosted with Hydrofluoric Acid to dissolve tenacious grime, but also means it needs your utmost attention for safe handling.
    • Special surfactant system also targets road film and oily grime for a knock out cleaning performance.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: VOC's or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.


    • DANGER! Contains: Hydrofluoric Acid which is an extreme health hazard. Extreme caution and good safety protocol is needed with this product (sales restrictions). Not to be used on glass or polished aluminum.

    Hi Brite – (Hi pH)

    Hi Brite is a special hi pH cleaner that uses inhibited alkalinity to effectively clean and brighten aluminum components plus offers great degreasing.


    • Replaces harsh and dangerous acid brighteners that use HF or ABF.
    • Inhibitors prevent browning or streak marks like other alkaline products on aluminum.
    • Effective one-step cleaning solution and brightener.
    • Breaks down heavy road film, fatty acids and greasy soils.
    • Reclaim compatible and biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: acids, phosphates, solvents or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    Special Brite – (Polished Aluminum Cleaner)

    Special Brite is a concentrated, safe acidic blend restores or maintains that high luster when applied to new or polished aluminum surfaces.


    • Cleans and brightens aluminum without whitening or etching!
    • Safe to use on new or polished aluminum as well as other surfaces.
    • Mild acids remove road film, hard water spots, oxidation, and other grime.
    • Spray or foam onto surfaces and rinse off with a high-pressure spray.
    • Produces a mild orange type scent.
    • Does not contain: Hydrofluoric Acid or its derivatives, muriatic acid or APE/OPE/NPE detergents.
    • Biodegradable.

    TW-1000 – (Hi pH)

    TW-100 hi pH is Strong enough to clean without having to brush but in case you need to that's no problem as it contains lubricating soaps.


    • Deep cleaning and lubricating detergents create a multi-functional solution.
    • Lubricates friction materials for safer and gentler cleaning.
    • Penetrates and lifts grease, oil and other tenacious soil.
    • Very high foaming for cling and clean action.
    • Use in drive thru or manual washes.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates, APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.

    TW-1050 – (Hi pH)

    Mild alkaline formula with high foaming and lubricating properties allows brushes to glide more safely over surfaces.


    • Offers good lubrication for brush materials for a safer, quieter and gentler cleaning process.
    • Mild alkalinity helps break down oils and other organic soils on vehicle surfaces.
    • High foaming yet rinses away with minimal residue even if it accidentally dries on surfaces.
    • Excellent bucket and brush soap.
    • Reduced viscosity allows dilution stations to draw more accurately.
    • Biodegradable!
    • Does not contain: acids, caustics, silicates, APE, NPE, OPE surfactants or solvents.

    TW-5000 – (Hi pH)

    TW-5000 is a heavy duty alkaline detergent removes an extremely stubborn build up of grease, oil and road grime from heavy-duty vehicles.


    • Heavy duty solution built for heavy-duty vehicles such as garbage trucks, tractor-trailers, trains and more.
    • High-performance surfactants coupled with high alkaline breaks down tenacious grime.
    • Low-moderate foaming and fast rinsing.
    • Can be used in many applications.
    • Reclaim compatible and biodegradable.
    • Does not contain: phosphates, VOC's, APE/NPE/OPE surfactants.