Back Brite Plus is a High-foaming, acidic wheel cleaner removes light rust and stubborn brake dust reducing the need for any scrubbing.


  • Boosted with ABF to ensure performance on neglected or heavily soiled wheels.
  • Can be used on many wheel types with the exception of aftermarket “polished” aluminum wheels.
  • Removes light rust and stubborn brake dust easily minimizing any hand scrubbing or extra labor.
  • Low odor blend makes it nicer to work with especially in confined detail bays or areas.
  • Best if applied before online alkaline wheel-tire cleaners for best effect.
  • Does not contain: HF acid, Muriatic or Sulfuric acid, VOC’s or APE/OPE/NPE surfactants


  • DANGER: Contains Ammonium Bi Fluoride.  Poisonous if in contact with skin, if inhaled or swallowed.  Read the SDS before using.